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500 metres away from the campsite, the village of Pont de Poitte offers you a variety of services:

  • Restaurants
  • Chemist’s, doctor and nurse
  • Groceries, bakery, butcher’s, cheese factory
  • Bar, newsagent’s, cash dispenser
  • Souvenir shop
  • Post office
  • Canoe and kayak rental

There are several supermarkets 4 kms away from the campsite,

A weekly market takes place in July and August

You can rent a ring in ‘Port de la Saisse’, 500 metres away from the campsite, at the mouth of Vouglans.

Ropes in Clairvaux les lacs and in Doucier

Discover the Jura

The ideal location of the campsite allows you to visit the whole Jura. You will have access to exceptional natural sites, the cultural heritage and the craft industry of this region.

  • The hérisson waterfalls
  • The toy museum in Moirans-en-Montagne
  • Fruitière 1900 in Thoiria (a cheese dairy)
  • Village and abbey in Beaume les messieurs (cave and waterfall)
  • The Wine Route
  • Village of Château Chalon
  • The palladian city of Syam
  • Dam of Vouglans
  • Arlay castle
  • Pic de L'Aigle
  • Pont de la Pyle
  • The Jura Mountains : Prenovel / les Piards , les Rousses/Lamoura, Chaux neuve…)

You can relax on one of the numerous beaches

  • Vouglans Lake (30 km long): the beaches of Surchauffant, Bellecin, Mercantine
  • Clairvaux Lake
  • Chalain Lake - in Doucier and in Marigny ( paying)

The Lakes route will make you discover natural areas at the foot of our mountains.

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